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Intercultural Competence

Each Prep student will take three courses in a discipline that helps the student to develop their intercultural competence and humility.

Peace Corps Prep is inclusive of all majors offered at UMBC. Below is a list of Majors that generally offer courses that align with Peace Corps Prep’s education requirements, however students of any major are invited to apply for PC Prep and meet individually with a Peace Corps Prep advisor to discuss how the program could fit into their academic career.

This academic requirement aims to develop an applicable knowledge base of cross cultural competency in all Prep students. This knowledge will facilitate their International service endeavor.

NOTE: only one course may count for both Intercultural Competence and for the Work Sector course requirements

A more complete list of courses which are known to fit the Peace Corps Prep requirements can be found here.  Due to the ever evolving nature of the courses offered by UMBC, no list can be 100% complete, so please feel free to check with Peace Corps Prep staff or your adviser to see if a class you would like to take would qualify.