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UMBC students are encouraged to begin preparing and submitting applications as early as first semester, Junior year. The response time from date of submission to receipt of Volunteer Invitation can span between 9 and 12 months.

Applying ‘generally’ or ‘where you are needed most’ will qualify your application for a placement in any of the 65 countries that the Peace Corps is currently active in. You will be able to indicate your preferences for certain regions, countries or sectors, as it applies to you.

Applying to a particular sector in a specific country will narrow your candidacy to that one opening.

The choice is yours!

General applications are accepted on a rolling, quarterly basis. Specific volunteer openings will have an ‘Apply By’ date which you will have to meet. It it recommended to apply as early as possible.

Application Materials:

  • Personal Information
  • One (1) 500 word Motivation Statement
    • Why do you want to be a Peace Corps Volunteer?
    • Why would you be a good Peace Corps Volunteer?
    • How have you overcome obstacles in your past volunteer/professional experiences?
    • Include an anecdotal story that conveys your unique passion for service – how it was birthed, what drives it, etc.
  • 2 References from a:
    • Volunteer Supervisor
    • Work Supervisor, or
    • Professor
  • Self-Assessment of Language Proficiency
    • Beginner, Intermediate, Fluent, Native

Apply here through the Peace Corps website!